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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Donald Trump And The Art of Political Propaganda

I actually had to put some thought into what to title this posting. Not because it was difficult to come up with one, but because American has become so politically polarized, I dare not try to inadvertently fuel that particular reality ethos. However, at the same time, I know that there are those who favor a particular political ideological persuasion will see a "bias" behind every blog posting, news report, fact-check, or rosebush that doesn't paint their views in a flattering light, no matter how much effort goes into trying to maintain objectivity.  This is particularly, though not exclusively true for those with a conservative bent.
And as we are so politically polarized, its easy to understand why Republicans can't fathom Hillary Clinton's popularity among many Democrats, or Donald Trump's among many Republican. Aside from the possibility that these presumptive presidential candidates for the 2016 Presidential Election have messages that strike a resonate chord with their respective followers, there is another possibility; better self-promotion.

Presumptive Republican Party presidential candidate Donald J. Trump

What makes this possibility more than existential is the proven fact that propaganda, combined with boundless self-promotion and the appearance of self-assurance in the hands of of someone with years of experience, can yield a virtual Cult of Personality for a virtual master of the craft. To illustrate this point, please watch this piece from last night's episode of HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher." As I know the name Bill Maher can evoke instant revulsion and trigger a reflexive urge to simply click off this posting, I would urge you to suspend your preconceived beliefs and at least consider why political candidates might be so successful in the eyes of fanatical adherents....and why some are not.