Monday, September 10, 2012

A Congress We Can Work With...Just A Thought!

Some time ago, I posted a couple of pieces about the entitlement mentality that Congress seems to exhibit either by way of the legal perks that it bestows on itself, or the behavior of it's members (Read "Anthony Weiner, Power, & Promiscuity," "Congressional Ethics & Why We Deserve Corrupt Officials," and "It's Good To be The King...Or Maybe A Congressman" if you get the chance). Unfortunately, neither received as much attention as some of my other previous postings...a fact I attribute to the selective amnesia that die-hard leftists or right-wingers suffer from as they make the claim that I am either a "closet liberal" or "conservative fascist," depending on which ideological blinders they are wearing at the time of reading.
However, I recently came across a mythical (also unfortunately) online petition--which actually is the basis of several real online petitions--that calls for putting the members of Congress on an even keel with the rest of us, and eliminating the sense of entitlement among that particular political class. The "Congressional Reform Act of 2012" reads as follows:

Click to enlarge proposal

Obviously, the purpose of this proposal is to help communicate to Congress the frustration the American people have in regards to the ideologically-based gridlock we have seen in the legislative body in recent years (thanks primarily to the counter-productive influences of monkey-wrenches like the No-Tax-Under-Any-Circumstance and the Tea Party crowd on the Right, and the Abortion-Under-Any-Circumstance and Let's-Redefine-Marriage crowds on the Left).
Now, with that bit of wishful thinking rolling around in your heads, take a moment and participate in our poll on the proposed Congressional Reform Act of 2012...



  1. Got news for you...we can't work with them!!