Wednesday, September 26, 2012

America's Poorest States...In Perspective!

While trolling the internet for my daily dose of relevant news, I came across a very interesting bit of research from the investor analysis site, Wall Street 24/7 (I suppose “trolling” isn’t the right word; I actually read the news, not have it spoon-fed to me via partisan sound-bites for instant regurgitation in a “debate”). According to 24/7, an analysis of information from last year’s Census Bureau’s data revealed the “America’s Poorest States,” based on the average median income of their residents, as well as other data. According to the Bureau’s data, the 10 poorest states are:

1.- Mississippi.
2- Arkansas.
3.- Tennessee.
4.- West Virginia.
5.- Louisiana.
6.- Montana.
7.- South Carolina.
8.- Kentucky.
9.- Alabama.
10.- North Carolina.

Oddly enough, what I found based on the latest projections polls, was the voting patterns among these states.
Click on map to enlarge

1.- Mississippi. Voting for: Romney
2.- Arkansas. Voting for: Romney
3.- Tennessee. Voting for: Romney
4.- West Virginia. Voting for: Romney
5.- Louisiana. Voting for: Romney
6.- Montana. Voting for: Romney
7.- South Carolina. Voting for: Romney
8.- Kentucky. Voting for: Romney
9.- Alabama. Voting for: Romney
10.- North Carolina. Voting for: Toss-up

In order to avoid the whining accusations of my being a shill for the political Left-Wing, I will leave it up to you, the reader to reach your own conclusions…assuming you can think beyond the dissonance between your political leanings and your perceived self-interests…